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  According to Western Horseman, Bob mastered the cowboy humor genre with his first book, and they have gotten better from there. All of his books listed below are available on Amazon search inside feature so you can search before you buy. Bob is available as a storyteller, and also teaches low stress cattle handling from the back of a horse.
Western Horseman Magazine claimed I "mastered the genre" with Cowboy Romance.

Sample Stories available at

According to livestock columnist/humorist  Lee Pitts, I may have mastered the genre with my first book, but I actually improved it with A Million To One Odds (Times five)
cowboy humor
Sample Stories available at

From The Horse's Mouth (Walking a mile in your horse's shoes)

Sample Stories available at

The Gourmet Cowboy
(Cowboy style gourmet cuisine)

Sample recipes

Heat Detection Manual and Record Book
Tired of record books that don't have enough space to record your cow numbers for heat detections and breeding? At 4" x6" with the lines running the length of the page rather than width wise you have plenty of room to keep legible records.

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