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Reduced Stress Cattle Handling
cowboy humor
cowboy humor

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Bob Kinford is an "agrovating agritainer" (Cowboy entertainer who is an agricultural advocate). He has spent the last forty years painfully gathering material. His stories of life as a modern day cowboy will place your audience right in the saddle with him, seeing the silver lining in the cloud as he is being struck by lightning or banging off of the ground being drug across the desert by a bronc mule. 

Bob can also give talks on the following subjects:
  1. Reduced stress cattle handling
  2. Ways to reduce labor and inputs on ranches
  3. Advocating directly to the consumer rather than preaching to the choir.
  4. Dealing with animal welfare groups.
  5. How to return federally controlled lands to the states
Bob's speaking fees are $500 a day plus a transportation surcharge which varies depending on the distance he needs to travel from Van Horn, Texas. For more information, email Bob now! 

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